Tiny Tots

Over the past 35 years The Jazz Centre teachers have developed a delightful and unique Tiny Tots program for preschoolers aged between 21/2- 5 years of age. These classes are designed to help develop motor skills, creativity, musical awareness and to develop confidence as well as being lots of fun. As the child develops we continue their journey into a more diverse stream of select classes that are offered such as jazz, ballet, tap, theatrical, cheerleading.

Tiny Tots Enrolment Form

Mummy & Me

This class is suited for the 2 – 3 year olds. A fun and nurturing class for the tiny dancer introducing them to basic dance movements. Parents may participate in this class to provide a safe and comfortable environment for their child. As the child gains more confidence the parent may choose to leave the class.

Tiny Tots 1

Our Tiny Tots 1 program is a delightful program especially designed for children 3 to 4 yrs.
This is a 45-minute dance class, which includes an introduction to ballet, fairy dances, and familiar songs such as Paw Patrol, The Wiggles and Hi Five plus tiny tumbling on mats.

Tiny Tots 2

Our Tiny Tots 2 program is an extension of our tiny tots 1 but with a few more challenges for the 4 to 5 year old. Rhythm, gallop combinations and singing are now introduced. Creative dances are also developed with the help of the children’s imagination and props. This class can be taken as a 1-hour combination with Tiny Tumblers & Tiny Tappers or a 45-minute class without the tapping.

Tiny Tappers

A special tap class that helps develop co-ordination and awareness of rhythm. A fun way to develop listening skills and musicality. Tap shoes are required.

Tiny Tumblers

An introduction to acrobatics using mats, balls, hoops and skipping ropes to help develop the child’s flexibility, balance & co-ordination. This is also an introductory class to our mini cheerleaders. Each of these programs have been specifically designed and developed over many years by our highly experienced teachers.

Tiny Tots Fees

There is an annual registration fee of $50 per child, which includes a beautiful lilac tutu for your ballerina to wear to class plus Student Insurance/Admin. This fee also offers a trial class for any new student. Should you decide to enroll for the rest of the term an invoice for the balance of the term fees will then be given which is to be paid by the 2nd class.

Should you choose not to continue after the first class the registration fee is not refundable but the tutu is yours to keep.

Boys registration fee is $25. This also includes a trial class.

Fees for Tiny Tot classes are based on a 10 week school term
1 class per week (30min) $120
1 class per week (45 min) $160
1 class per week (60min) $190


Girls: Jazz Centre lilac tutu, Lilac wrap (optional). Pink ballet tights. Pink ballet shoes. Hair preferably in bun or pulled back off the face with lilac headband.

Boys: White t shirt, Black shorts, white socks, black ballet shoes